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I have noticed that many people, including myself, will often post an image to social media and may not include much more than maybe the subjects name or possibly "I'am available on...". Well, that may work, but what if just a little more was added? What if an image including a captivating caption. In the image above, "Do you know what your future...
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Shooting animals through glass

November 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
More often these days zoos and animals preserves are placing their animals in glass enclosures. There are several reasons for this, not the least is spectator and animal safety. There have been notable cases of people throwing things through bars, or even jumping over bars into the animal enclosure. Some facilities have opted to place wire mesh alo...
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You are being hired!

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As a professional, or semi pro in the modeling and photography business, a potential client may approach you and ask you to work on a project for them. It may be initially paid, or may lead to paid commissions in the future. Clients may be anyone including fellow photographers and models. Some things to think about include: As the client explains...
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Gradients for Portraits?

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When it comes to portraits, most photographers try to get as much right in camera as possible. At times though there are limitations during the shoot such as time or equipment. Sometimes it takes a little creative thought in post production to make something just a little different. The image above is ok in its own right, but we can work to make it...
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Typically I will post instructional or informative material within my blog, but this week I wanted to feature an editorial post concerning relationships within the photography industry. Most photographers and models are within this industry because they have a passion to create art. With the notable exception of a few, this is not a industry where...
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