Is it really in focus?

April 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

LableLable MacroMacro Many times a photographer will focus on an object and when using autofocus, will accept the green indicator that the object of interest is in focus. Even when manually focusing, it can be difficult at times to get exactly what is needed. Sometimes because of eyesight, sometimes due to lighting or other factors. Particularly when taking a macro image, the slightest movement can throw something completely out of focus. In the image above, if someone were to zoom in on the bottle, is the writing readable?

The Live View in many DSLR cameras can be helpful here. 

  • Ideally for critical focus the camera should be mounted on a tripod or some other sturdy object
  • Switch to live view
  • Zoom in with with camera (not the lens). This is typically a button on the back of the camera. In this case, I zoomed in to writing on the bottle. Most DSLR's allow you to move the live view right/left or up down to the precise thing that you wish to focus. 
  • You may not either push the shutter half way down to focus, or place your lens in manual focus to achieve a sharp image. Not to leave anyone out, focus with the back focus button for those who have their camera configured to focus in this manner.
  • You may now take the picture, with confidence that the area that you wished to be in focus in truly in focus.

A short Youtube Video reviews this process: