The Male Model

April 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Male ModelMale Model Recently I heard a photographer say, "I don't know how to photograph a guy" (this was a male photographer speaking). Well it really is not that hard. Think about some things that guys want to look like in images when photographed alone:

  • Guys want to look cool
  • They want to look strong
  • They 'may' want to look powerful 


  • Typically don't want the cutsie look (generally)
  • They may be more self conscious in front of a camera than some women
  • Generally need something to pose around (rather then empty space)


  • Harsh lighting is ok for most men; with the possible exception of a pre-teen with bad skin.
  • Shadows can be your friend and provide a dramatic look
  • Poses leaning flat against a wall (if available) can work for a male.
  • Stress a strong jawline by having the subject by having your subject push his chin toward you. (Peter Hurley has a Youtube video on this point)
  • If he is slim, squared off to the camera will give him strong looking shoulders. If he is a little overweight, a 3/4 pose could work with this upper body very slightly bent toward the camera.
  • Give the guy something to do with his hands (not over his groin). Hands/thumbs in pockets, arms crossed, Adjusting a tie, newspaper, or better yet a job or hobby related prop
  • Knees should be slightly bent in a relaxed manner
  • When sitting, legs crossed over one another can given a relaxed pose.
  • If balding, choose a camera angle that minimizes that feature (generally- may be exceptions).

Posing men is not difficult, just a little different than working with females.