Music on your website?

April 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

You have made a captivating banner in social media (earlier this week) to draw people to your website, but what about sound (music)? Well, you probably need to answer some questions before you make the decision such as:

  • Is your website directed toward multi-media productions? In other words, do you produce short videos, fusion, or other multimedia material along with your still photography?
  • Do you primarily shoot at Cosplay Anime, live action role play gamming conventions, or similar events where music is central to some of the characters?
  • Does your photography center about children's events where music is important?
  • Is music central to some type of story that you are trying to tell with your photography?

If the answer is yes to these or similar questions, then it may be a good idea to add a limited amount of music to your website. There are some pretty good resources for music, including Zenfolio subscriptions that allow you to browse through a select number of music titles. Other services may include, Triple Scoop Music, and Sound Freedom just to name a few.

There are some additional things to consider:

  • Your webpage may load slower as opposed to a site that does not include music
  • Depending upon your service web host, pages that are pre-designed may not contain the correct HTML code in order for the music to start playing on cue (or you may have difficulty getting it to play at all)
  • For those who are already playing music through their computer, your webpage may conflict and wipe on or the other out of the mix
  • It goes without saying that you can not use copyrighted music without permission. Some music companies get extremely aggressive and you may end up in court over this one. Even if you convert it from one format to another the company may still prevail in a dispute.
  • Much in the same way the viewer may want to click on your photographs to get a better view, some web viewers find it disturbing if music starts as soon as they click onto a website. If you are telling a story, let the viewer click on that specific story before starting music.
  • Not all music will suit all listeners. Is the music you chose in concert with your brand? The story that you are trying to tell. If you have heavy metal associated with a traditional wedding, it may keep a viewer from moving any further into your website. 
  • Sound clips that you may think are cute, may serve to distract or annoy your visitor.

In the end, of course it is your choice whether or not to add music to your site. When done well, it can enhance a story being told. Done with a bad fit, your visitors may leave your site faster than you thought possible.