dreamy image with smart filters

May 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

OutdoorsOutdoors There are many filters and even commercial plug-ins that let you deliberately soften an image to given it a dreamy or glamorous look. Of course, you can do it quickly in photoshop and come back at any time and make adjustments.

Outdoor EditOutdoor Edit

  1. Open your image in photoshop
  2. RIGHT Click on the image in the adjustments panel and choose convert into smart object
  3. Select Filters...Blur...Gaussian Blur
  4. Blur the image to the image noticeably softens ( Radius 5-8 pixels)
  5. Double click on the  symbol next to the right of "Gaussian blur" label on the adjustment panel (triangles with line)
  6. Change the blending mode to screen
  7. Adjust the opacity to your preference.

If you save the image as a photoshop document, you can come back at any time and make adjustment to the blend or opacity by double clicking on the double triangle with lines. If you want to change the actual blur, double click on the Gaussian blur label.