Event to street Photography?

May 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

FairyFairy Not too long ago I posted about candid street photography. Some people really enjoy the idea of catching people in their natural environment everyday activities. The thought of 'posing' someone seems unnatural and awkward. And in truth, it can be uncomfortable for both the photographer and for the subject. Not to mention that the photographer may be interrupting some daily activity of either the subject or surroundings. With that said, there is a way to ease into street photography even if you want to work with it during a vacation.

Many communities may fairs or other events during which people may even dress as their favorite character for one or more days. These events may or may not be Cosplay (costume play) events, however the participants really do not mind and even enjoy having their photograph taken. One type event that hits almost every metropolitan area is comic conventions. These conventions are ideal for the photographer who may be a little timid walking up to a stranger and taking their photo. Craft fairs are also an option, especially if the individual who makes the crafts wants to be known for selling a particular type of craft.

Of course some of the same principles apply as with traditional street photography such as knowing how to focus and make your image fairly quickly as well as asking permission from the subject. Some events can be crowded, so the photographer may only have the opportunity for one or two images. Picking your subject and shooting at events like this before someone walks in front of your or clutters the background is ideal practice for candid shots on the street. 

A zoom lens is almost a must and if the event is indoors, and you may even want to start with your camera in program mode to get a reasonably good exposure under different lighting conditions. You are probably not going to make many friends if your flash fires too close to your subjects (remember, most of the event goers are not models), so think about raising your ISO higher (800) than you may normally work with. You may even want to set your ISO to Auto.

Event photography can provide some great opportunities as well as a confidence builder for approaching subjects for candid shots.