What is fine art?

May 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

PosingPosing We may ask a photographer what type of images does he/she make, or a model what type of images that she/he may pose for and the answer that we get occasionally may include fine art. What does that really mean? Photography is an art so what makes it 'fine'?

There is no single definition, however it relates to the vision of the photographer. In a Journalistic form of photography, the photographer may tell a story of what he/she actually sees through the lens in a series (or in some cases a single) image. A portrait photographer will typically photography what he actually sees through the lens(es), change poses, backgrounds, and perhaps retouch images to clean up skin blemishes. A Landscape photographer may change perspectives, color balance, lenses, but even here the photographer is presenting what is actually in front or him or her in the image.

In fine art photography, the actual subject being photographed may not be as important as how the photographer wants to represent that subject. Fine art is more about expressing and idea or an emotion rather than just presenting an image of a subject. The idea may be a word or a phrase to express what the image is about. Images may be of almost anything that can be photographed, and the images may be filtered, colored, or altered in post production so as to meet the theme or overall concept of that the photographer was trying to convey.

With fine art photography, there is really no limit to what a model or photographer can accomplish since the images come from the minds eye.