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Shorter URLs?

One of the most important aspects of photography is communication. Photo's communicate feelings, thoughts, memories as well as inspire others.  Sharing a single image is typically pretty easy and most people today are fairly tech savvy to use their phones, emails, etc.  But what if:

- You wanted to send a group of images

- direct sometime to a specific webpage (yours?)

- Send a link to written materials?


The URL (universal resource locator) (aka web address) can be VERY long and if mis- typed or the entire address is not copied and pasted correctly who knows where a friend or client may end up!  A quick and easy solution can be found through google through a URL shortener. If you type the following into your browser:


the google URL shortener will appear and you can type (or paste) the original URL into the field. The app will shorten the URL from several dozen character down to a much more manageable level. You may be asked to verify that you are not a robot. but this is a simple checkbox.  The shorter URL is a much abbreviated version of the original, however you may find it is just what you need!



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