Your Valuable time

April 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Most of us consider our time valuable throughout the day. Regardless of whether you run a full time business or are juggling family and hobby interest, time during the day can be precious.  Not everyone has the luxury to have an assistant or chose to spend hours behind a computer to keep track of appointments and send continuous emails.

One application that can be helpful is an application called 

Booking MenuBooking Menu This is an online application that links up to your google or icloud calendar and can manage bookings for yourself, your team, and allow perspective clients to see when you are available. You can publish to your website or even interface with social media. You control the times that you are available (or not available) and once a potential client has access to this information and books you, emails are sent out confirming appointments. The service will even send out reminder emails relating to a specific booking.  It is even flexible enough to allow you to confirm or reject a specific time slot, modify an appointment, along with sending reminders of the change(s).

A basic account is free with some limitations, however the full service is available for $10/month. If you live a busy life and don't wish to spend all of your free time in front of a computer or checking your phone every few minutes, start with a free membership and see where it takes you!

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