Fine Art Nude... Men?

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MusclesMuscles When we think of nude models- specifically fine art nudes most thoughts will drift to the female form. This is certainly not surprising since females are most often sought after and therefore provide the majority of the subjects whether it be in photography, drawing, sculpture or other art forms. Artists often look for graceful and flowing forms for many concepts.  However, nude male models certain have their place within artwork as far back and the ancient Greek statues.

Genetically, males are typically more muscular than females (obviously there are exceptions). Well defined muscles can be appealing on a male subject and through the careful use of side lighting highlights and shadows can emphasize muscular form.  A little Photoshop can emphasize these muscles even more:

Emphasizing muscles- Blend IF

Male formMale form A flowing image can even be created with a male figure as shown here. Notice how the model is posed so that your eyes move throughout the form. Lighting is also key here with carefully sculpted rim-type lighting creates highlights along the models right side.  Careful lighting along the form may also create some interesting bodyscapes.

FormsForms Many female nude models are reluctant to work with male nude models due to the persistent belief that a male and female together equates to a sexual encounter. Clearly however, some incredible images can be created by professionals working together. Careful control of light and shadow can produce images unlike that of a single model.  Poses can be dramatic and powerful particularly when photographed in black and white. The traditional 'couples' poses are almost never used in fine art however some images can provoke a feeling of 'connection' rather than sensuality. 

There are many books and videos available which cover poses, lighting, and concepts with male models including this one:
Male Posing 

* Images were taken from Pinterest

* Bob Barford is a award winning published photographer based in Pennsylvania




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