About Me

My photography passion started with wildlife and landscape and continued to develop into creating a wide range of images featuring both formal and informal pictures. I have a laid back style that makes most people comfortable and work with my clients to create images that they will love to share.

I am native to Pennsylvania, and travel to Maryland as well to surrounding areas. I have experience shooting shooting studio fashion, portraits, event cosplay, and artistic images including green screen images.

The goal with my images is to create an impact thorough understanding my subject.  I enjoy the use of subtle and simple surroundings  to a more formal studio setting to tell a story whether it be lighthearted, sensual, or dramatic.

I will occasionally work with other professionals such as models and makeup artists to develop a particular or assist them in a personal project that they may envision. This venture is always collaborative in nature and enjoy hearing ideas on how to enhance any project. Of course, these same professionals  (such as makeup artists) of course also work with my clients as the need arises.

Whether I hire a professional or client hires me, I believe that communication is important to any successful project. Those who work with me can expect an open line of communication prior to, during, and during the follow-up phase of any project. 


Creativity flows from many sources, and a well planned and executed image can freeze a moment in time for all eternity. 


Client Feedback:
Here are a few comments when clients have received their images:

"They are SO beautiful..." from RR
"Thank you, they are lovely.." from AZ
"These are wonderful.. thank you so much!" from TC