DSLR video and lighting

April 22, 2015

In Photography we are critically aware of lighting- it can make or break an image. Well, so is true for video and your DSLR. One of the primary differences between lighting a video scene is that you will be using constant lighting. In many cases, the CFL tubes that some photographers use for constant lighting will not be bright enough unless the videographer has a moody scene or many, many lights.

Lighting for video can be done with worklights from a dealer such as your local home improvement store.  However, these lights get extremely hot, can be uncomfortable for the talent in the production, and most models can not be adjusted for brightness. Kit lights such as from LimoStudio have "Barn doors" so that you can direct light exactly where you want it without spill throughout the scene. One of the more popular lighting sources are LED lights, which are cool to the touch, adjustable brightness, and you may add a variety of colored filters over the lens. 

Of course there are several other types of lighting included in this link from Mark Wallace: