Video DSLR post production

April 25, 2015

Ok, now you have your concept shot, you probably will want to edit it in post production. The idea is really not too different from taking images from still photography into lightroom, photoshop, or any other image processing program. In the beginning, you may not even need special software since both the PC and MAC computers have video editing programs built within them. Also notable is that photoshop CS6 and CC also have video processing abilities. As your needs develop you may wish to purchase Adobe Premiere, adobe premiere elements, or many of the more feature rich video editing programs.

Although the specifics of each software interface will look different, your basic steps will be to:

-Import your video

- Play your video along a 'time line' while shortening or deleting portions

- You may wish to add music clips to your timeline

- You may wish to add photo's to your video (Fusion)

- You may want to add text, opening and closing special effects

- You may be able to lighten/darken, crop, and resize

- Finally you will want to export your image. Will it go to a dvd, the web, your desktop? 

Mark Wallace uses Final Cut (Macintosh) during this link, but many of the principles apply to many editing programs.