Free and almost free eduction

September 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

For those not familiar with Creative live (, it is a streaming service offered over the web multiple times per week with the vast majority of the topics covering photography. Photography education includes  marketing, lighting, makeup, pose instruction, camera instruction, video, weddings, landscape, and much more. Occasionally the service also offers other subjects such as lifestyle management and even crafting.

The instructors are some of the best know names in the industry and present anything from a one day session to a three day session in real time at no charge to the viewer. The audience is world wide, and participants are invited to call in during the live broadcast and ask questions. In addition, Creative live invites its fans to participate in the studio as a live audience who often serve as assistants to the guest speakers.

If viewers wish, they can purchase the entire broadcast, often for $100 dollars or less. Not a bad deal for about 18 hours of education which in my experience is often equivalent to material presented in some college level courses. Once purchased, the program can be streamed or downloaded in either low or high definition. Speakers will offer mini 2-4 hour sessions for less than $50.

I have included links below to several very inexpensive mini sessions

1. John Greengo has presented at a variety of national events. In this link he provides some basic startup information for the new photographer so that he/she can obtain quality images without too much trial and error.

2. Kevin Kubota has also presented at quite a number of national events. Photography equipment can be very expensive, and in this short program he demonstrates some easy DIY lighting projects.

3. Lindsay Adler is a well known Fashion photographer based in New York, and spends quite a bit of time producing and conducting basic to advanced education sessions for photographers. This session review some essential poses that almost everyone can remember.

4. Khara Plicanic in this short presentation demonstrates some photoshop retouching techniques that almost everyone can benefit.