Halloween Treat

September 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

WitchWitch Back Again with a Halloween treat.  Clipart can embellish photographs at times when used carefully. Most often 

clipart is added to an image to produce a fantasy effect. When a clipart images (depending upon format) can be manipulated like any other image in the photograph. It can be stretched or warped, lightened or darkened or even used to create a background for the primary image.  A graphic artist can even draw an image in association with the primary subject of the photograph to create anything from a fashion statement to a surreal composition.

For the purposes of this post however, I have included a small gallery of clipart (JPEG format) that can be used for website applications during the halloween season or even printed if desired. If you like any of the images, you may download the entire gallery or just choose which images that you like using the download icons to the right of the larger preview window. Since these images are JPEG, they can only be scaled to a limited extent without loosing resolution (Bitmap images) much like some photographs.