Preparing for Halloween

September 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

WitchWitch The Halloween season can be fun and some great images can be made that can used year around for theme parties that feature Gothic makeup, movie creatures, or even editorial shoots on a mystical creature. 

As most photographers know it is best to get it right in camera, and your subject will probably enjoy dressing up and even applying theatrical makeup. There are hours and hours of Youtube video's that will show you how to apply special makeup, but trying to find the right supplies can be a challenge at times. Theatrical makeup and supplies can be expensive and may come in surprisingly small containers for the price.  One on line vendor "silly farm" has a vast array of makeup supplies such as face paint, practice heads, brushes, books and videos, glitter, temporary tattoos, and more. Their prices are very reasonable and even have products for other holiday themes such as valentines day.

A couple of quick notes about makeup. ALWAYS test a small amount of makeup on your subjects forearm before applying it their face. Anyone can be sensitive to materials in makeup If you see redness or a rash develop,  or if your subject complains of itching or burning ,do not proceed with that type of makeup. Be extremely careful if you decide to try Latex makeup. Some people may have severe life threatening allergies to Latex. Once again, apply a very small quantity to the inside of a forearm. Remove immediately if any redness develops. 

 Here is a link to Silly Farm:

The eyes are particularly sensitive, so please do not apply any makeup around the eyes unless the packaging specifically tells you that it designed to be used around the eyes. With that said, some may want to enhance the eyes and even change their color. Colored and special effect contact lenses are available from a wide variety of vendors. It goes without saying that you will need to find a reputable place to purchase these lenses. Some opticians may actually sell colored lenses around the year. If you do not need corrective lenses and only want to wear the lenses for a few days, a vendor such as "Cameo eyes' could be a option. Contact lenses (prescription or cosmetic) need to be handled carefully so not to insert even a speck of dust into the eye. Contact lenses are not necessarily easy to insert if your subject has never worn contact lenses. 

I have also included a Youtube video that describes how to change eye color as well as how to add some extra features in post production.