The Creative process

September 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

CuriousCurious Being creative for some of us comes very naturally. Almost everything in the world inspires us and we come up with ideas almost naturally. But, when we think about it, there probably really is a series of steps that we go through to come up with a final idea. These exact steps are almost certainly different from everyone, but each individual probably goes along a similar path. Some people find it a little more difficult to be creative and need to work on it a little more, but it is certainly within us all. What starts the creative juices? Is is a color, an emotion, a story, an image? What starts the process with you?

HappyHappy Once the creative juices start flowing, what follows that basic idea? Lets say.. Brown! What is associated with brown? Things like dirt, wood, paint, certain fabrics, trees, certain animals. Walking around during your day it would be easy to many other things. Should the brown have texture (dirt, wood). Slowly an image starts to form like a movie in your mind.

SecretSecret You may start to talk with others. In the case of photography, this may be models, makeup artists, people that may help you with locations. The movie is starting to really take shape, but you may still may have many options and the movie is still not ready yet for prime time. You may want to do a shoot in the woods with some really old trees.

SuspiciousSuspicious Ok, you really start to narrow down your options here. How much time do I have, is weather an option if outside, who will really be there when I need them, how much will it cost? Did others involve give me ideas that may make the project even better that I thought it could be? You may have decided a late afternoon shoot in the woods with the sun filtering through branches may be what you have settled upon.

HappyHappy And then.. You know that this can REALLY work! You are full of energy, and dedicated to making your idea work and you have something to be proud to about! Yes, we can ALL be creative!!