Fantasy backgrounds

January 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

CompositeComposite I wanted to share a website that contains a wealth of artwork that may be used for backgrounds both physical and digital, and some of it can be obtained for free or very little cost. The site is

This site can be useful for the photographer, model, or cosplayer who enjoys the mystical or old world type events. This site has the advantage of both physical and digital backgrounds. The physical backgrounds appear to be made of durable material and tends to be made per order.

The digital backgrounds are 300 dpi high resolution images which may easily be incorporated in many composite concepts. The site offers almost 90 free backgrounds including forest, lake, and building backgrounds. Downloads include themed sets such as for Halloween. 

The site of course also sells digital backgrounds, often at $3-5 per image in a variety of formats. Some formats include PNG, which support transparent backgrounds, Layered backgrounds for those who use editing programs such as photoshop can add or remove aspects of an image such as trees, grass, or even a structure. 

If you have little experience in composite imaging, the site offers tutorials that may be viewed in .avi format outlining how to create selected images such as the painted dress. For those not wishing to take the time to edit images themselves, the site offers a photoshop editing service.

The site also includes photoshop brushes and textures that can be used with almost any image that the artist wishes, not necessarily an image downloaded from their site. 

Overall, I would recommend this site for a look at your next opportunity.