January 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When we are hiring a professional model, we all know the importance of careful planning and communication. Some of the most creative shots are obtained by collaboration between the two artists. But, to what degree do you collaborate with a paying client who may hire you for.. a portrait shot?

A photographers can have his studio, high end camera and lighting equipment, and many years within the industry. If a client comes in and requests a portrait shot, one certainly may shoot a standard head and shoulders image however you can certainly explore so much more with the client by talking to him/her about interests. Displaying some of more creative images may spark a clients interest in something that he/she may never had thought about. 

Of course, it depends on the purpose of the image. A corporate exec may not necessary want a portrait shot dressed in a softball uniform for the main image but may indeed consider an extra shots for his family in that uniform. Photographers who specialize in senior portraits have long recognized that a teen does not necessarily want a head and shoulders shot set on a blue background.  The video below shows two well respected professional photographers who gave themselves a 20 minute challenge. The results are dramatically different. The subject in this video could well have been a student who is working though a long and challenging professional program.

Think out of the box when presented with a 'portrait' assignment, and you may be pleasantly surprised what you come up with in your final images.