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Do you have fun?

December 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Often photographers, models, and others involved in the production process get VERY wrapped up in the process of making the best image possible. Is the lighting perfect? Is the composition and focus correct? Is the pose appealing? Is the make-up done just right?  Certainly these things are important but also within a project its important to remember in striving for the GREAT image, we may be creating a great deal of stress for everyone and, just sometimes, the stress shows through in the images. It may take more time to get things set up, things may get rushed, a moment may be missed which could actually be the best shot of the series.

For a photographer sometimes getting things right means a little practice setup prior to meeting a subject. If hiring a model, it may mean building in a little extra time in the session. For a client it may mean keeping options open to slight variations on a theme. A model, while she needs a core concept, can certainly build from that concept in terms of poses and possibly props.

Keep things conversational during the session can help work out details as well as make everyone just a little more comfortable with the days conception execution. When possible try to keep things a little light during the session and be ready for spontaneous moments. Mixing things up a little during the session can even be a little fun. As in the image above, the model was posing for come typical cute elf pictures for a Christmas shot, yet a simple suggestion like 'Santa is leaving your coal this year' turned a cute elf into a grumpy elf.


Something to think about during your next photoshoot!


Bob Barford is based on Southern PA and Northern Maryland.


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