How do you promote yourself?

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CuriousCurious The question that I am posing with some possible ideas is how do you promote yourself? This is a a common challenge for those in business, but also may well apply to those who are hobbyist who want to work with a variety of talented artists. A common starting point for many people is social media. How do you handle social media so that people know what your are doing and how to get in touch with you? Is there a daily routine that you follow? It is easy to get hold of you? How responsive to messages that people may send to you?

Choosing daily images to post to various groups and social media sites can be a chore and it's easy to forget or get so busy with other things that daily posting may not happen. There are a couple apps that may be able to help you, the first being  Planoly and a second site is Later. These are both calendar type sites that will let you plan your images out for a few days up to a month at a time. These site send you a reminder on your mobile device and you decide to post.  Although there are apps that may post automatically, sites like Instagram will penalize you for using them and reduce your following, so its probably best to go with an app that is a little better tolerated by the major social media sites.  If you need a little more help, there are mentors such as Jasmine Star's social curator program that allows you some additional guidance with your daily posts.

Do you have a blog, or a website, or a group that you frequent? If you understand what your target audience wants and how you can provide it, a website or social media group is a great way to get the message out. It's not really about you, its about what you can provide to the people that you wish to attract. Once you attract them, what are you doing to keep them? Are you providing content or something to keep their attention? One thing to be careful of is to avoid spamming people. If you want people to work with you, an invitation. If you are too pushy, it like going into a store and someone grabbing you by the arm and pulling you over to see a particular display. Or even a salesperson who simply will not give up despite your insisting that you are not interested.  If someone is interested in working with you, communication is the key to a great relationship. If you fail to make it easy for them, it is unlikely that they will want to work with you.  One site that can help you keep things straight is You can book me that allows for an online calendar. If you happen to be working with a team of people, everyone can look at the same calendar. 

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