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SugerskullSugerskull There are many forms of body painting, but one of the most colorful is represented by the Suger Skull. Calavera is Spanish for Skull and the Suger Skull is often a decorative, and sometimes edible, representation of a skull and is used in the Mexican celebration for the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Traditionally, these skulls were made of cane suger and decorated with frosting, beads or feathers. "Day of the Dead" is usually a rememberance of those who have passed away and good thoughts  help them with their spiritual journey. Some other cultures have developed a similar practice.

In photography and modeling, a skilled makeup artist can create some fantastically colored and elaborate makeup for Suger Skulls. Although the base color is often white, bright reds, oranges, vibrant blues often are added to the makeup along with a flowered headdress. The area around the eyes are often painted black or deep blue to represent eye sockets followed by elaborate outlines. Thin lines are also drawn vertically across the lips.

Although the makeup can be very elaborate at times, models may enjoy these images as something fun or different for their portfolio. For those who may like to try this project, I have included a link that takes you step by step through the entire makeup process. 

Creating the Suger Skull



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