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CuriousCurious It really does not matter whether someone is a casual photographer with a cell phone or a seasoned professional, if one likes taking pictures there is almost something new to learn. Sometimes not necessarily involving photography at all.  Tell the truth.. most people would occassionally like a challenge or to at least know how to make a better image.

One site that has developed and improved over the years is the streaming video channel Creative Live (  CreativeLive started out several years ago producing one educational video per month, aimed at photogaphers. Programs were always featuring well known experts in the field and free programs were aired over a 3 day peroid. Of course, there was always the option to purchase the program once the lecture had ended. 

CreativeLive has expanded to running programs throughout the month at times, with multiple programs running on the same day. Programs remain free during the initial air time, and some single day programs may be purchased for as little as $20.00. Although much of their program still features photography, programs have grown to include art and design (drawing and painting), musoc, crafts, money, and general lifestyle topics such as raising bilingual children. Speakers are still recruited for their expertise and most programs are organized and well planned out.

For current or future business owners, CreativeLive provides a long list of well established sucessful speakers who provide insight into a variety of topics. Often speakers will provide written materials that can be downloaded from the presentations so that those watching do not need to take notes.  

Photographers, whether casual or professional benefit from classes that explore lighting, modeling, software, marketing, travel, video,  bridal shoots, as well as creative and artistic fine art projects.

I would highly recomend logging on to the CreativeLive website at CreativeLive and take a look at what they have to offer.


Bob Barford is an award winning Pennsylvania based photographer


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