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Turning the camera around

August 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sooner or later, a photographer whether a Pro or someone just taking casual snapshots will have the camera turned around on him/her and a image taken. This can be a little uncomfortable for some people since not all people jump for joy either with a snapchat selfie or a formal photograph.  The photographer having his/her image taken occasionally can actually be helpful particularly for a camera bug or professional. Unless the photographer is a pro, you may need to take a few steps yourself so that the image looks great.

Most of the time, natural light will produce good if not great results. Unless it is a candid moment, look for someplace that has a little bit of shade, but a dark corner, particularly with a cell phone will look more like a horror shot than something that you may want placed on social media. If you have dark circles or bags under your eyes, look toward the light if at all possible. Squinting is common, so you may need to ask for a count of 1, 2 and 3 so that your eyes look their best.

Look in the mirror occasionally (no, most of the time it will not crack!). Learn what is your good side and what may not be so flattering and face the camera with your good side. Remember, most people look their best with their chin out and down just a little. You may even want to strengthen your jawline by pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Smiles can be tricky, especially for those who do not have great teeth. But think about your best friend or loved one just walking up to you and most people can manage at least a little smile. 

Look around you if you if it is a planned shot. Few people look good with poles growing out of their heads, so try to find a simple background to stand behind. Particularly if you are not used to having your picture taken, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. If you look tense, the picture will probably show it and you will probably be pressuring the photog to delete the image. Do something with your hands; in most cases for a male putting them in your pockets works best. If you are a female, don't try to emulate the high fashion images, keep it simple.  Remember, good posture is always a plus for those with a few extra pounds (male or female).

If you can get the photographer to capture you while you are doing something that you enjoy (no, not take the picture) that even better. Things like hobbies, work, or even sports can take your mind off the camera being focused on you. 

Remember, practice makes perfect, and taking selfies that only you see can help make you more comfortable and confident when someone points a camera at you. 


Bob Barford is a published photographer based out of Southern Pennsylvania



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