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Creative supplies and resources

September 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

SecretSecret Whether you are a model, photographer, or any other professional, you are probably always looking for inspiration and supplies to make a certain concept work. Places like Goodwill, thrift stores, are often a treasure trove to many creatives, but they do take time to look through and you may have to visit a couple of these gems before you find just the right prize. 

Create it yourself... well, for those skilled artisans this is a great idea and very rewarding. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with the talent needed to sew a costume or built that perfect prop (I don't even own a sewing machine).

There are are many resources on the internet, many of which can deliver just what you need to your doorstep and in many cases under a week. Most of use are familiar with resources such as Amazon, or Etsy but there are a few others that I would like to share with you:

If you happen to be looking for some really cool contact lenses Cameo eyes has a wide selection on contact lenses from the theatrical to simply changing your eye color. These lenses are reasonably priced, but are designed to someone who does not need vision correction. Wicked eyes will accept prescriptions for those who wear glasses.

A wide variety of makeup and body paint can be found at Silly Farm . Fake blood, latex and foam appliances, hair products, makeup pallates, glitter,  as well as variety of books can help with makeup needs.

Dresses can be bought and rented from a variety of places on the internet, such as Dress Lilly . This site sells dresses, shorts, sweat clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, and accessories all at reasonable prices. Outfits on this site range from daily wear to some pretty extreme styles. The interesting thing about this site is that it also provides clothing for men in a variety of styles. On the high end side the site Enception Rentals will provide a some unique dresses for that special concept.

Cosplay is very popular, and who does not want a realistic sword?  Well the site True Swords can do just that for you. From the ancient Japanese swords, to Medieval swords, and even Fantasy swords can be found through this vendor.

Setting off smoke bombs can be very effective at creating special scenes. In past posts I have detailed quite a variety of methods of creating smoke ranging from the DIY bombs through creating smoke in Photoshop. One vendor Inspect USA creates a quality product that is not as irritating to the eyes and respiratory passages as gun powder style smoke bombs. These smoke emitters generate a controlled flow of smoke which can be perfect if you are not working with a large production team. 

Who does not occasionally need realistic fake flowers for a photo event?  Silk Flowers offers a variety of flowers at reasonable prices from single stem flowers to entire bouquets. 

I hope everyone found this helpful!


Bob Barford is a published photographer based out of New Freedom PA.




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