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Original Themes in Cities

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Many people will say that there are no more original themes anymore in images, this may or may not be true, but when making your images it's a good idea to think about how can I make this image better or more original? This may be from an unusual angle or location as you frame your shot. If many photographers are huddled in one spot, well that means that each photographer will likely get a similar picture depending upon the actual camera settings.

I recently visited New York City, and it is fair to say that likely millions of images have probably be taken of the city over many years from many different positions. Photographers have certainly made color graded images, black and white images, abstract images, close up of buildings, etc.. as well as many other possibilities. So when taking many images of the city I ventured up to the 86th floor of the Empire State building. Of course there were many people with cameras, and no doubt that thousands of images have been made of the city from this location.

So I happened to notice that pigeons were flapping around the observation deck. I started to think what what about the birds view of the city. So, patiently I waited until one of the fine feathered friends landed at a spot that I had picked out which just happened to be a corner ledge. It almost seemed like the bird knew what I had in mind since he (or she) ventured near the corner of the ledge and looked down, and then looked at me as if to say, did you get the picture.

I had chosen a high DOF for this image (f22) hoping to get as much of the image including the bird in focus as possible. Obviously is was a little tricky getting a good exposure since the bird was dark colored against the brighter sky. Fortunately within light room by adjusting shadows slightly and toning down highlights, I was able to get details including the birds eye well exposed within the image. 

The next cityscape or landscape that you make, look for unusual props or actors that will bring a new light to your image. You may be as lucky as I was and have a cooperative bit of wildlife or bird stop by for a photo opportunity.


Bob Barford is a published photographer based in Southern PA.


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