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Recently I was Shutterfest (Highly recommended), which is a trade show for photography held annually in Missouri. Within the show they had many classes, demonstrations, and lectures, once of which involved a groom and a bride.  While instructor was discussing lighting and poses it seemed as though the models portraying the bride and groom were uncomfortable around each other regardless of the pose. There are any number of reasons for this, but one reason that may come to the forward is that they may have never worked together before.  Bride and groom pictures are often posed very close to each other with poses such as hands around the waist, touching each other faces, holding hands, etc..

This can be difficult for some models, both male and female. I have noticed an uncomfortable stance at different shoots as well. It can be difficult at times in simulated intimate poses when one person does not know the other person.

I would recommend for the best possible results for a couples shoot, bridal shoot, or really any shoot where two subjects may be in close contact with each other to have both models meet a least for a short time prior to the actual photoshoot. The photographer should develop a mood board and discuss what he/she has planned to the photoshoot. In the best of all worlds, actual couples should be used who are willing to be photographed. This will give the most genuine emotion and connection between the two people possible. A real life couple need not be professional models and they may appreciate images provided by the photographer after the photoshoot.

Just a quick thought for the next time a 'couples' shoot.


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Bob Barford is a published photographer out of Southern PA.




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