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Getting Organized- Part 2

April 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Getting Organized - Part 2

This is a follow-up from my post earlier this month that spoke about the many things that a photographer or anyone within the industry should consider when working either from the standpoint of a serious hobby through a full time profession Anatomy of an Event

Anyone in the photography industry often has many, many hats that he/she has to wear and it is very easy to get overwhelmed especially if working alone. There is help out there, some better than others in the form of software and services. One such product is called 17 hats.  This is a subscription based service that has many if not all of the tools that someone may need. I know that some shy away from subscription services (yes, I was running Photoshop CS6 long after Adobe when to the creative cloud). However, this service is certain worth looking at, especially since it offers a 17 day free trial.

17 Hats offers:

  • A contact list that lets you know what is happening by whom in the next week
  • A project list that let you know what stage each project including which are active and those complete.
  • A lead generation tracker than links directly to your website
  • Questionnaires  Allowing you to develop customized questionnaires online
  • Quote Templates  To send to perspective clients
  • Contracts  That offer E-signing without having to worry about faxes
  • Invoices  That can be sent to clients with reminders
  • Online Payment  That accepts credit cards and paypal
  • Bookkeeping  Which can especially important around tax time
  • Calendar A shareable calendar which synchs with Outlook or google calendar
  • To Do  A concise list or multiple lists of things to do
  • Time Tracking  How much time are you spending on certain projects- you may be suprised
  • Workflow lists  Recurring tasks are automated so you don't have to re-enter them
  • Email Templates Tired of retyping the same email again and again?
  • Email synch to Projects   Emails that you receive can be linked to certain projects


All of this included in a custom dashboard that displays highlights of what you need to know.  When pre-paid, the service is $200 per year which is about mid-range for such services. It certainly is worth taking the free trial to take a look at the service!

-Bob Barford is a published photographer based in Southern PA




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