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Portraits vs memorable images

May 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Portraits and Memorable Images

Recently I was fortunate enough to be involved in a themed mother/daughter photography event during which each mother and daughter wanted portrait shots. Well, there of course is the technical side of getting a well exposed image, good composition, posing, retouching etc... which certainly generates in most case a good image. It may even be an image that hangs in the wall of someones house. But the question is, is it really something taking up wall space, or is it really a memorable image? To get a really memorable image, in this case, of family members, ideally you want to show some connection and a little of their personality.



 These to images showcase a special relationship between the mom and her daughter. They had a close relationship and had fun with each other. Although the portrait above may certainly hang on the wall in a den or living room, the two are more likely to enjoy the lower two images with some interaction.  If the images were to be sold to this family, is is likely that the lower two would be included in the purchase. As it turns out, both mom and daughter were very pleased with the images and showcased them on social media. 



When taking a 'portrait shot' even if it is of a single subject, ask what the person's hobbies may be, special interests, where do they work etc.. Apart from the 'formal' shot, you subjects may be interested in some images that bring out their inner self into their photo and be much more 'excited' about the images. In turn, this could generate more return business and positive word of mouth marketing for the business photographer!


Bob Barford is a portrait photographer based in Southern PA






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