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SecretSecret Educational Resources

One of the most important things that we can do in our personal or professional lives is never stop learning. Certainly in most professions, there is almost never just one way to perform a function and in our personal lives we have things bombarding us from many directions almost every day. 

Within the world of photography, sources of education vary from the casual quick tip to full fledged collegiate courses. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube relating to photography which are certainly well intentioned, they can sometimes suffer from misinformation or poor production quality. There are dedicated sites such as Kelby One  or Creative Live  which bring generally reliable and useful information directly into our homes. These resources are accurate (generally) and have a high production value but may also come at an subscription fee if we want to look back at the information in the future. College classes are well...Expensive.. and while may or may not allow for hands on experience they are often time consuming and may have limited value unless one requires them for professional credentials within an organization.  With this said, programs such as Creative Live and college may allow many of us to gain background as how something works which can be very valuable when it comes to applying principles of what was taught to new projects.

We also can sometime gain valuable information from the vendor itself. Adobe Help puts out very short and to the point tutorials on various programs such as photoshop and lightroom.  Tutorials from the link provided are typically very short (5 minutes or less) and are straight to the point. Interestingly enough at this point Adobe offers this service at no charge.

Hands on seminars with experienced photographers can be some of the best ways to learn. There are many of these opportunities often held throughout the year in different parts of the country. During the seminars one can get real time feedback on many topics. Some such workshops or seminars that include people from around the USA and other countries include:

Obviously there are many others such as those included in this link Adventure Workshops that not lead the photographer on adventures as well as learning about photography.

Never stop learning!






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