Featured studio-HM Photography, Baltimore Maryland.

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Featured Studio - HM Photography , Baltimore Maryland

HM photography is hosted by David Moser and is a residential type studio located in Baltimore, Maryland. The studio offers a variety of shooting locations including a bay window, wooden floor studio, fire place setting as well as others.  Professional lighting is provided by the owner and he provides and initial set up for participating photographers, although those attending settings are welcome to make their own custom changes.  The owner also provides a freshly prepared meal during each session.

Professional and published models attend sessions from around the country and the style is typically lingerie and/or nude images. Occasionally fitness or erotic models will also be featured during various sessions, which are typically held several times during each month. The format is a photographer rotation, during which a photographer is provided a time frame to work with each model after which the next photographer will take his/her turn. After each photographer has rotated through, the model will move to a new set and the rotation begins once again.

Cost for these events vary depending upon the theme, the model, and the number of models involved but typically is very reasonable. Private shoots with the models are available after the group shoots and often at a rate less than if one were to hire the model outside of the event. Parking is free and readily available outside of the studio. Events may be held during the week, weekends, or in some cases even during evening hours. The owner also promotes several larger outdoor events during which a variety of models attend and are available for private booking sessions.

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