What do you bring to the table?

July 08, 2019  •  2 Comments

CuriousCurious What do you Bring to the Table as a Professional? (A self inventory)

In most professions, one will place his or her most valuable assets on a resume and put it forth to potential clients, employers, as well as others. This may include scholastic work, experience in the workforce, special projects with may be related to the profession.   There are certainly no shortage of photographers, models, and even makeup artists in most communities. So the question to ask is.. what makes you stand out from the crowd?

  • I have been in the field for 20 + years. While experience is certainly a plus, what have you done, esepecially in the last few years that brings your work to the forefront?
  • I have great equipment!  Great equipment is certainly a plus, but how do you use it? Do you explore and practice to learn new ways of using the equipment or do you use the basic features?
  • I offer a great experience for everyone I work with! Good Interpersonal skills are certainly an essential part of your job. What is it that you do that makes the experience so good?
  • I am super creative with awesome concepts! Creativity is a golden tool to have in your arsenal. Are you good with crafts or fabrication? Good finding locations, concepts just appear to you almost everyday or are you a planner?
  • I have been published or have appeared in art galleries!  Certainly a statement that others value your work. Where have you been published or where was your gallery showing?
  • I am a good networker and know important people!  Networking and marketing is certainly an very important part of the profession.  Can you at least semi-quantify how your networking and or marketing is helping your business or better yet, how it may help a new client?


This is a partial list, but I'am sure that you can think of many more things that you have as professional or personal assets. Dig deep and really explore them!




Danald Wilkins(non-registered)
Agree with you that you make it sensible in all the ways.
Danald Wilkins(non-registered)
Agree with you that you make it sensible in all the ways.
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