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CuriousCurious Bulging Storage (Where do I put it?)

Like many photographers who are very enthusiastic about many genres when they begin their careers, I purchased A LOT of different camera supplies, props, modifiers, fabrics, etc. In my case, I shot a fairly large amount of cosplay when I first entered the industry. There comes a point however when the storage lockers are bulging and there are supplies cluttered sitting almost everywhere.  It makes one stop and wonder, " It would be really nice to have XX, but where will I put it? 

In some cases I have sold or donated bits and pieces, but more bits and pieces seem to accumulate faster than I can keep up with on a regular basis. I really dislike clutter, and sometimes it makes it a little difficult to find things that I really need.

So, as a step forward I am posting a link to some props that I have seldom used or in some cases, have never used.  Cosplay props that I will be listing here are for the most part some form of prop weapon. Some props are straight from the manufacturer, other props I have painted or slightly modified (such as 'Nerf' guns) to meet an expected concept. I will place links to four different groups below that I plan to sell. Prices are 50% or more less than what I had originally purchased the prop. 

Old World


Classic Guns

Metal Props


Except the link that species Metal props, all props are photo-realistic plastic or resin composites. There are NO ACTUAL firearms in any the collections. Some guns such as the soft foam dart gun will shoot the nerf soft darts. Prices are posted at the very top of each gallery, so if you are interested in a purchase, please let me know. Props are only sold in sets (nothing sold separately).  Delivery is possible within 10 miles of York, PA.  Sets may also be shipped, and shipping cost will be quoted based on location.  Purchase is either PayPal or Cash to be made prior to actual shipping. Cash will be expected at time of purchase if delivered.

You may contact me at:

[email protected]  for any additional questions or to purchase a set.


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