Hiring, or want to be hired?

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CuriousCurious Hiring.. or Do You Want to be Hired?

The world of photography and modeling is a strange one indeed, with few standard practices such as what may be found in other professions. With limited oversight in many cases, finding a clear path to be successful in the industry can be a winding and sometimes confusing path.

Entry level for a photographer may be as complex as obtaining a college degree and working for a commercial enterprise or as challenging as finding the right camera and starting out photographing what one finds interesting. Models may attend a formal education in the arts as well as modeling or may choose to "try out" the career at a local event. Others such as wardrobe specialists, set designers, graphic artists, and makeup artist may come from extremely varied backgrounds.

To be Hired...:

At some point a creative will likely need to develop a 'Resume', similar to other professions. As with almost any other profession, a little research goes a long way.

  • What do you want to be hired to do? 
    • What genre are you interested in primarily following? Although a general interest in many genres may be a decent start, developing your 'voice' for a specific field will often get you noticed. For example, a lawyer may specialize in criminal law and be sought out for that speciality.  
  • Is there a market for what you are interested in?
    • A little research goes a long way, especially for a career. If there is little or no activity in the area that you wish to specialize within, one should not give up, but it may be quite a while before one becomes well established within that genre. Are you ready to travel to somewhere a market is stronger for your interest?
  • Investing in yourself
    • ​​​​​​​Formal education, On-the-job training, purchasing the necessary supplies that you need even if you are working within the framework of a larger company. Practicing and perfecting the skills on a regular basis to become proficient is almost a must. A lawyer who only sees a courtroom a few times a year may not win very many cases.
  • Networking and promotion
    • ​​​​​​​Are you a people person or a wall flower? Getting out and meeting other professionals, working along with them, and promoting that you are interested in will get you noticed. This can often be the most difficult and time consuming task for anyone, since it not only requires person-person contact, high levels or organizational ability, and social media just to mention a few elements for success. Do you have a solid visual representation of the work that you would LIKE to do?
  • Specific goals?
    • ​​​​​​​To earn a full time self-supporting income? As a part-time interest?  Some business knowledge is almost a must. Starting out as a generalist may be ok, but specializing will often push you ahead of the pack

Putting this information and well as tracking your accomplishments into a written Resume and updating the Resume on at least an annual basis may be keeping you on track.

To Hire

Congratulations, if you are far enough within your field to consider hiring someone. Many of the same point listed above are also essential to hire someone:

  • What are you hiring them for? Do you have a visual representation of what you want or need? Do you have a clear vision of who you want, and what resources that you will need?
  • What is your market? What is your budget? What is your timeframe if someone have to travel to your location? Do you need support personnel to make the project happen? 
  • Investing in yourself includes having skills, equipment, locations ready to go? Do you have a strong example of your work to show people that you are ready to move on the project?
  • Networking and promotion again can be tricky and time consuming. Have you attended events so that potential talent knows you? How are your social media skills?  Do you get things done consistently and reliably?
  • Communication of goals of who does what, when ,and how, is absolutely critical. Often this may be spelled out in writing multiple times in multiple locations to that everyone is on the same page. Do you have a plan "B" is something does not go exactly right?


Some very good resources for these point as well as other can be found in may places, but one of the best places that is searchable and provides a variety of expert information is Creative Live. This is an online streaming education program that offers a wide degree of topics from industry professionals. Education can be viewed live or classes purchased as desired. 





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