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Saal Design PhotoBooks

Recently I had the opportunity to take a look at professional photobooks from Saal Digital. I selected the Elegant Acrylic Cover for my project which I planned to place a variety of my travel images. The website itself is easy to navigate and a variety of products are available in addition to photobooks including photo prints, cards, calendars, and gifts. 

Photobooks themselves are available in a variety of sizes in both landscape and portrait orientation. My choice of the Elegant acrylic cover comes with a leatherette blinding and back page.  The company provides its software to load your images into through a free download and I found it relatively easy to use after a short video tutorial. Users have the option of loading all of their images with the book and letting the software automatically create a layout for your book or you have have almost total manual control over your images. Images can be set to a collage, or even a two page spread. There is an option to create a layout external to this program, however I found the supplied software useful in itself.

Once I created my photobook, I uploaded it to the Saal Design site, and about two weeks later I received by finished product. The acrylic cover is about 3/16" thick with the title page embedded within the acrylic. The pages themselves are glossy heavy weight paper that I found displayed colors vividly and accurately.

Saal Design is currently offering a $45.00 voucher for their professional line of photobooks. I would recommend taking a look at their Professional Photobooks  selections  as well as other products that they offer.








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