Studio withdrawl?

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Studio gridStudio grid Are you Itching to get Back Out in the Field?

It is hard now with stay at home orders in many states for photographers. Not only for business owners, but also for those who crave the creative challenge. With the COVID virus still at or near its peak in many areas, it would be irresponsible to potentially expose ourselves, our families, or even our clients to illness. But there is hope from both a business perspective as well as a creative perspective.

The Small Business Association (SBA) is working for small businesses to provide grants and loans which can be forgiven to businesses that are suffering under the current order for business closures. Although photographers and videographers  are important, they are not considered essential life supporting businesses. There is also a plan which has yet to be released for business owners who employee others to keep those employees on as long as possible through a government grant. Some of those business financial aids are listed Govt COVID help.

What about the creative side of things. Most photographers try to specialize in a particular style or genre of photography to set themselves apart from all others. BUT... while you are at home, why not practice some styles of photography that may not be in your particular genre? For example, product photography can really fine tune your lighting skills by dealing with highly reflective objects, very textured objects, totally flat objects, or many other objects that you may find around your home. If you have gels that you typically use in the studio for portraits, why not try them on a vase or a bottle? One such guide for product photography can be found on Creative Live.

Most of us have features on our cameras that we don't use often.  Have you ever tried time lapse photography? Pointing your camera out of your window might just produce some interesting images throughout the day.

For those who may have animals, how about some action shots? Catching your dog run through your back yard, possibly jumping for a ball that you have thrown. How about your cat? Catching a cat jumping through the air may just make it look like a flying squirrel. 

Of course there are hundreds or actions and presets that you may want to add to your collection for those who use Photoshop or Lightroom.  Some of these sets of instructions for your programs can save you much time in your overall editing process and help your workflow once everyone is able to make it back into a daily lifestyle again. Some presets such as those offered through PhotoWhoa are actually free, so it does not hurt to experiment with them.


Yes, this is a difficult time for many people, but as creatives we can work though this and probably come out stronger than ever.




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