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Set.A.Light 3D

I wanted to share information on a new program that I have trialed and like called Set. a. light 3D by Ellixier. This is a 3D studio environment on your desktop. While there are certainly other programs out there such as The Online lighting diagram, this product has some interesting features that seem to work well such as:

  • Realistically rendered male and female models
  • Variety of colored backgrounds, floor styles, and studio sizes and colors
  • Ability to change hairstyle, makeup, eye color, clothing, shoes with each model
  • Ability to add multiple models male, female, child
  • Posing with either pre-sets or by creating your own poses in fine detail including opening or closing eyes
  • Variety of lighting equipment including modifiers, strobes, and speedlights
  • Ability to change the power, position, and height of each modifier and see in REAL time what effect that lighting has effected.
  • Ability to change camera settings and lenses in real time 
  • Ability to add props such as sunglasses on model, chairs and couches
  • Quick controls that allows the model to look directly at camera or light

Once you have your lighting, camera, and model set the way you wish, you can export various lighting diagrams such as:

Which shows all of your equipment in relation to your model, as well as the various camera settings and lighting settings. Ellixier allows you to download a free fully operational copy of the software to try for 30 days. Two versions are available, a basic version that will be useful for most people at about $80.00 as of this post, or a studio version that adds features such as the ability to add patterned gobo's on your model.

Like any software, it does have some limitations. The number of sets are limited in either version and I have not be able to locate additional sets on the website listed above. As with any 3D environment, care must be taken when placing props, lighting, or models so that they vanish within other parts of the set. Overall, I think the software is worth taking a look at, especially when planning shoots.




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