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White Cliffs

It can be difficult to find location shoots these days that offer a variety of opportunities for both your subjects and the photographer. Studio shoots can be problematic these days, with many studio's shutting their doors at least temporarily. For those who are near the Pennsylvania area, one location include White Cliffs of Conoy, located in Marietta Pennsylvania. These cliffs are located along the Susquehanna River, adjacent to Koser  Park.

Visitors are greeted by a wonderful view of the Susquehanna River and park directly adjacent to a paved trail leading to the cliff area. The trail is wooded offers an opportunity for a peaceful walk while enjoying a little bit of nature along the way for about 1.5 miles. 

Along the path you have an opportunity to relax for a moment along a pathway bridge. The area is adjacent to railroad tracks, but the brush is very thick is most areas can be tricky to access. Although a train did not pass on the day I visited, there was an active signal device, which lends one to believe that the tracks are still in use. 

The Cliffs themselves were created via Limestone, which actually gives them a dull white appearance. Once you reach the cliffs, you are given a view of the forested area, the Susquehanna, and a rough beach area. The view is impressive just from this point, however you could venture down to the beach area with some effort. In all honesty, The descent down is short, but not necessarily an easy one since some of the cliff area itself is brittle and in some areas very steep.

The beach area itself is a little rocky in places, but certainly has ample room for small groups and a picnic lunch. The water clear and it is easy to wade out  for several yards to cool off on a hot day. You may experience a dragonfly party within some of the plant area along the beach. 


White cliffs has many photo possibilities ranging from fashion shoots along the cliffs, grunge shoots, forest nature shoots, as well as swimsuit images. More information on this location can be found at here.  










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