Rethinking Shooting in todays world

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  Rethinking Shooting Environment

Without doubt COVID-19 has great impact on our society.  It has touched almost everyone in some manner and not necessarily through illness, but certainly financially and socially.  Many photography events have been cancelled this year, and depending upon where one may live, more are yet to be cancelled. Some portrait photographers have moved to other genres such as landscape, animals, still live, while others may have shelved their cameras for the time being.  But what if you really enjoy shooting people?

With all forms of photography, we need to be respectful of one another.  Current guidelines require a mask in many areas with good reason. One can disagree, however if your subject want to protect themselves, we need to respect their wishes. Attempting to argue will only make any photography concept go down the tubes with sub-par images.  This can make shooting indoor particularly problematic especially in small studios. One may be very comfortable shooting in studio's, being able to control almost every aspect of your environment is great. But, does that limit you as a photographer? Does that limit what clients you may be able to attract? As importantly in today's world, many clients may not wish to risk their health.

Shooting outdoors can be a challenge, light, shadows, rain, wind, as well as many other factors can certainly affect the overall outcome of an image. But then again, it can provide an opportunity to develop a skill set and planning ability that can be well worth it in year to come.  One resource that can be valuable is a book written by Lindsay Adler Shooting in Sh**ty Light  is a guide to shooting in circumstances that may be some cringe.

Of course if you are more into Youtube video's there is certainly no lack on subject matter on shooting outdoors. This particular video using Fills, flashes, and diffusers  outdoors which can be very helpful.  Another resource includes videos both on Youtube as well as CreativeLive from Roberto Valenzuela in which he provides tips for ideal locations and concept execution.

Of course there is more than light to worry about, and mother nature does not always cooperate with us when we get that great idea for a photoshoot.  Videos such as this one Grim Weather focuses on landscape, but of course one could always place a brave model into one of these images.

Photography is generally about planning and being flexible. If you are a portrait photographer, working with clients to obtain comfort is only going to get you better images. 








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