An experiment in editing

August 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

An Experiment

With COVID and other circumstances affecting the photography world, I have been experimenting with some editing and even surprised myself at what I came up with recently.

At first look, the image to the left may appear as though it may be a dark creepy forest taken late in the evening. Maybe just a little bit of ambient light peeking through from either the moon or perhaps even distant city lighting. The truth is, that as you look at the second image, it is simply a reflection in a puddle of rain water.  I happened to have my camera with me after a heavy rainstorm one day and I took the image and initially did not think too much about it. It was a cool reflection and who knows what if anything I may do with it in the future.

As weeks past, I went back to the puddles, and started working the some images in Lightroom.  Some things I did  included:

  • Flipped the image 180 degrees
  • Cropped at the top and bottom
  • Increased contrast and sharpened the image
  • Reduced exposure
  • Adjusted the black and white points
  • Adjusted shadows

So as you can see, the final image looks radically different from the rainwater puddle I originally shot.  I do make a habit of shooting stock images after a main project, since I never know what I may need as a composite in the future. In this case, nothing was composited onto the image, and I stayed entirely in Lightroom during this edit. 

Typically, I photograph people, however I feel that it is important to take advantage of potential subject matter for future images. The reality here is that I really had no plans for a specific concept, but the results turned out interesting to say the least. Do you take stock images? Challenge yourself the next time you go out to see beyond what you may typically photograph, and you may be pleasantly surprised!




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