Romance in Photography?

August 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

PosingPosing Romance in the Photography & Modeling Industry?

Often I will discuss in my blog some of the more technical or aesthetic qualities of photography, but this week I have more of a thought provoking post. Romantic relationships within the industry.

The industry provides some unique challenges to romance not found in many other industries. There are challenges between those within the industry as well as challenges to partners who may be outside of the field. On the job romances is often frowned upon, much like many other industries.  Marketing and connections are critical if either a model or photographer hopes to do well within the industry, yet the expectation is that it is a job much like many other jobs in the workplace. Unlike most other occupations however there is very little structure or oversight from external sources.  A friendly photographer or model, especially freelance professionals can often spend hours together and communication can get very blurred.  

Dating a 'model' has seem very desirable to some people, yet the life can be difficult to say the least. Except for very few, modeling assignments can be sporadic even if a model has an agent. It can be tricky and very time consuming to maintain a steady level of income. The same may be said for many photographers; even wedding photographers have a slow season. When not actually on a photoshoot the model or photographer may be working diligently with contacts to fill up their schedule. Some professionals may actually be juggling a second job, going to school, or developing materials to improve their market position. Long hours of travel plague many within the field, especially some freelance models who may find themselves touring throughout the United States during much of the year.

Trust in critical within any relationship. Partners who may not be in the modeling and photography industry may not truly understand what the job involves.  In addition to travel, some models who may specialize in glamour or artistic nude may experience frustration on the part of their partner.  Certainly be separated from a loved one many times during the year can place a stress on a relationship. Communication is of course a key point, which leads to devotion to one another within the relationship.  Tools such as 'Facetime' can  certainly make the separation a little easier.

Although romance can certainly be challenging in the modeling and photography profession , many make it work very well. A strong bond between two people, looking beneath the surface and understanding who the person actually is, and what drives their passion within the art can lead to a lasting bond which can overcome any obstacles!







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