Behind the scenes -increase your dwell time

September 14, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Behind the Scenes

Sometimes as photographers we are very much into the moment of creating the perfect image either for ourselves or a client. The correct lighting, composition, camera settings, ect.. Of course all of that is important, but consider taking a few frames of less than perfect shots.. why?

If you are a landscape, food, or any other style of photography that does not deal directly with people having their images recorded, your clients may be interested in what also happens on the set.  This is not necessarily a how-it-was-done, but certainly could be part of the process. Lets say you are a food photographer and you accidentally drop some of the food on the floor! Whoops! If you have a website or post on social media this image might be a show stopper for the scrolling viewer. This image could actually increase your DWELL time and generate interest into someone looking at more of your images.

Suppose you are a portrait photographer who regularly photographs people. Obviously you will want to get the best image that you can for a client, but thinking about that extra image can certainly be worth it. What type of personality does your client have? Is your client willing to move forward with that image that could be really fun. Your client may never use the image professionally but giving them the chance to do something out of the ordinary could generate a return customer.  In the case above, the original concept was a fine art image, but the girl had a playful personality and decided to give the tree a big hug during the shoot. Ok, maybe that may (or may not) make it into her portfolio, but she had a little fun during the shoot and was able to loosen up from the expectation of the perfect pose. Of course, for the photographer, before placing a shot like this on his/her website, it is prudent to ask permission. Obviously the aim is not to embarrass anyone.

Whether you motivation is to increasing interest in your posts or just making a session a little more fun, consider including some behind the scenes images when you shoot.


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