Do you captivate your audience?

September 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Do you Captivate with your images?

In a recent post I spoke about 'Dwell Time' (How long a viewer looks at your image(s), which is related to engagement with your posts.  An element that can contribute to Dwell time may be story time and anticipation. Many posts that I see on social media may have the models name or event the photographers name and then the image. Crediting yourself as well as your team is important, but how you credit them is equally important. The image above is certainly ok and I could have left it with just the models name, but I added a "simple pleasures" line to he image. Many people can identify with the simpler things in life such as relaxing out doors. The line captivated at least some viewer to 'dwell onthe image for a bit before scrolling.

What about this image? Where is the girl going? She looks as though she is looking back at you either to see if you are watching, or for you to join her. Why is she in a nightgown in the middle of a field? There are many questions that the viewer many want to stick around to see if he/she can find the answers.

By creating mini stories or potential stories in the mind of he viewer through a single image or even with a series of images, the viewer may be inclined to come back to your site or social media feed. Sometimes it may be just to linger a second more on a life experience, a future trip, or even to explore a fantasy/mystery.


Think about creating a new dimension in some of your work the next time you choose image(s) for your audience with either an thoughtful caption or even a post that suggests a storyline!



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