Are you Prepared?

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Are You Prepared?




Recently I  was invited on what I planned to be the last photoshoot of the year. This was to be a short hike to a tunnel overpass for a fashion shoot. Upon arrival to the site I discovered that the hike was traversing several large rocks in order to get to the path, and also somewhat surprised to find a very rocky path with the only easily accessible way through was along the wooden beams on a railroad track.

Yes, I was somewhat surprised, and am well aware of potential dangers of traveling along railroad tracks and tried to avoid them as much as possible.  So, the first thing I 'should' have been prepared for was to ask a little more about the hike.  Second, I found walking along a rocky path unsteady and uncomfortable and should have been better prepared by bringing actual hiking shoes with thicker soles (home in my closet).

Fortunately, the rail road tracks had not been used in quite some time, and found myself eventually walking on the wooden beams between the rails much like other people within the group.  This strategy also slowed my pace as well as others since the beam were close enough for small steps, but were not quite spaced well enough to skip beams for a wider and quicker pace.  I did plan to take my camera gear, so at least my hands were free for this trip and to keep balance.

We started out a little later than ideal, since a group member needed to make a stop before the trip. The event went as planned at the tunnel and even obtained a few lakeside images.  The sun was beginning to set by 4 pm, and we started back to the parking lot. We began to seriously loose light, which was problematic since we needed to find the opening between the rocks to get back to our vehicle.  While some broke out their cell phone lights, I did have a small flashlight in my backpack that helped navigate back to finally complete the trek.


Sometimes as a photographer, you are the location scout, photographer, director, producer and may have other roles. In other cases, you may attend an event where some or not all of the details are made clear or everything may not go as planned. While there are hours and hours of advice as to what photography gear to bring, not quite as much advice is available as to what to bring especially on location shoots. Too much and one can be seriously weighed down, while missing things can certainly become a problem. 

Some things to think about include:

  • Backpacks are usually a good idea. In this case, one of the group had a shoulder bag and as we walked along the bag not only was swinging but she needed to move it from one shoulder to the other to avoid muscle pain.
  • Good walking shoes especially if you are not familiar with the area. Sandals or open toed shoes in this case would have been nasty.
  • Weather- A very light foldable jacket or even an emergency poncho in case of rain (no weather forecast are not always accurate)
  • Cell phone, possibly even with a small battery powered quick charger
  • Small palm sized flashlight or even a light with a headband
  • Small 8 oz water bottle/ energy bar during travel in hot areas.

Of course there are many other things that one could bring with them, but there need to be a balance and no one wants to lugging 50 lbs of gear over rugged terrain.

To wrap up, during your next location shoot think not only what lenses to bring, what non-photography supplies that you may need!




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