Bad picture-really?

April 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

DCIM\100MEDIA Bad Picture - Really?

Did you ever have an image that once you looked at it, you asked yourself "did I really take this?!". It could be out of focus, composition could be bad, over or underexposed, or any other number of possibilities. Despite expert editing attempts, you can still not make the image look the way that you would like it to.  It is really for the trash bin? Well... not always.

The image above was taken with an inexpensive camera on automatic exposure settings. There are several things that certainly could have made the image better and perhaps with a little work much could be corrected. However, the figure in the image is turned out to be VERY grainy almost to the point of no reasonable recovery.  Does this mean trash bin requirements? If we look closely at the water, it is really not that bad.

DCIM\100MEDIA A selection of the water itself has produced a usable image, particularly for those who may use textured backgrounds or even composite images.  It can be a tedious process creating a displacement map and for a water based concept. Sometimes one just wants to see the water ripples where there were not to start with. Other times this could serve as a backdrop for a creative portrait image.

While some images can not be used in there entirety for any number of reasons, think about saving a portion of an image as a stock image for any future concepts that you may have. You could save yourself some time and possibly money by avoiding going to a stock image site and using what you already may have in your very own collection!


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