Can your subject get into the moment?

April 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Into the Moment?

There are many ways to draw your viewer into a photograph. Contrast, Highlights, cropping, vibrant colors just to name a few. The question is, can you get your subject to play an active role in your image? Of course, how it plays that role really depends on your subject itself.

In the set above, the two models who were cosplaying had fairly elaborate period costumes. I certainly could have photographed them together, changing the crop, angle and possibly even the shadows falling on the subjects. However, the male was cosplaying a character similar to jack the ripper. So as you can see, I asked 'Jack' to sneak up on his prey and she was not to notice him until the last minute.  Her expression seems like utter surprise and even fear as he brings his knife around.  This mini set certainly is a little more interesting than just have two models stand side by side to show off their outfits.

If you are a food photographer, for instance, are your able to get your subject into the moment? Yes, lighting and composition play a role into making food look good, but there are certainly things to make your subject for appealing such as Food Tricks.

Domestic animal like dogs and cats can be a little tricky to work with especially when you are trying to get them to look at the camera. Having an animal interacting with their owner can really bring the eye of the viewer into an image. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of 'bird in flight' images, but what if you could capture an image that is not so typical such as this bird looking over the city as if trying to decide where to go next.

There are countless other examples of getting your 'getting your subject into the moment' regardless of your subject.  What about a tree with mis-shapen branches against a stormy sky? Sometimes captions can be helpful as well such as a car pulling into a garage with a caption that says 'home sweet home".


Let your imagination run wild and you may be surprised at the results!





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