Do you and your client understand?

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HappyHappy Do You and Your Client Understand?

One of the most satisfying things in the photography and modeling profession can be when everyone is on the same page for an entire project. The who is involved, where are we meeting, when are we meeting, how much (if any) money is involved, what do I need to provide, just to mention a few important details.  How do you accomplish this in an ever increasingly complex world?

Are people just glancing at your website? Have they read an email that you have sent three weeks ago (or worse yet, accidentally deleted it).  Are they dodging phone messages? Do they really understand, despite your best efforts?  Even info sent through traditional postal services can get misplaced by some people. It can be frustrating and even time consuming if a client arrives on set and is confused or disagrees on an aspect of the meeting.

Although no method is completely foolproof, one option is to have a client engage in an interactive document that can be saved electronically or even printed for reference.  From model releases to more involved contracts, the more actively involved that one is when looking at a future engagement the more likely that things may stick in their mind.  Some may rely on products such as Adobe PDF products that allow for an electronic signature. Once again, some people will skim over a document and then sign it, yet claim ignorance on part of what they have just signed.

One service Doc Hub, may be able to help.

This service will allow for customized documents, but of course many services and even stand alone software will allow you to create your own documents.  This service will allow you to send a document to a potential client, and then take the client through each field that needs to be completed. Multiple parties can sign a document, to see what other players roles may be, and then send the document back to you although this feature is still needs to be refined. The service will take a potential client through each necessary field, step by step until the form is complete. It then becomes a legally binding document.  Best of all, you can start out with a free account that allows 5 signatures on your part, and 3 return requests. The Pro version is about $60/yr which by most standards is reasonable and allows unlimited signatures.


Take a look at the site, it may be just that you need!





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