Airbnb - an opportunity?

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BeachBeach AirBnb- An Opportunity?

Airbnb is a world wide agency that operates a travel and lodging service as an alternative to traditional hotels and motels. Many times properties are offered from individuals who may own condos, vacation homes, or even apartments at rates that rival rates and accommodations provides by the major commercial travel chains. 

As you may expect, marketing is a major aspect of this company and as such requires photographers and even videographers to highlight properties. Although the company certainly maintains a regular staff they also hire freelance workers.

Are you a photographer that enjoys making images of buildings and home both exterior and interiors? Can you light a larger area properly? Can you tell an exciting story about a building that you may have visited? Are you interested in working with a company that has a brand that you can easily support?

Airbnb is also looking for freelance photographers who would like to photograph properties that are relatively close to their own home. The company allows you a reasonable amount of freedom, but of course images will be submitted to editorial staff in order to be published as part of their team.  Although real estate photographers sometimes have specialized high end equipment, the company only requires a wide angle lens, a 16 mp camera, tripod, and basic retouching skills to start.  While you may not be doing any wildly creative work for the company, it could be a good start if you are interested in this genre.


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