Office Work (Part IV of series)

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CuriousCurious Office Work (Part IV of Organizational Info)

My last three posts focused on Market info, Communication, and budget. The 4th in this series tend to tie much of the info together in a resource that many of us have used at work, school, or even home, Microsoft Office.

As some may know, Microsoft Office has been around for 20 years first release in 2000. Over the years it has had many competitors, most notably Wordperfect was in tight competition with Microsoft Word for many years.  MS office still has able competitors, even a free options such as google workspace, LibreOffice, and Openoffice just to name a few.

Core components of MS office are Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint which are most commonly used in business and educational settings.  Professional versions include Access (database), Publisher (desktop publishing), Note (notebook), and in some editions Lync (Video conference), and Infopath (data collection/organization).

As professionals in the photography industry, we almost certainly will have need for a word processing program such as MS word, and next most commonly used would be and Excel spreadsheet. So where is all of this going?

For many years, MS office was a stand alone product, however Microsoft has followed other companies such as Adobe and has created the subscription model of MSoffice 360 (various editions).  The subscription model may work for you, but since some still even resist moving to the Photoshop/Lightroom subscription model from Adobe there is hope.

You could of course use one of the free programs, which honestly work very well in most cases. Suppose you REALLY want MSoffice? You are familiar with the interface from work or school and really do not want to spend time learning how to navigate a new suite.  There is hope!

Mr. Key  Shop is a highly trusted site where one can purchase fairly recent versions of non subscription versions of MSOffice at very reasonable prices. In fact, MSoffice 2019 is only $89.00 with older versions costing at little as $44.00. Software is avaiable via download with complete licensing info provided. If you do not need the absolute latest version of MSoffice this is a very budget conscious deal!   

BEWARE of sites that offer  versions of MSoffice for $10 - $20. The old saying that "If it is too good to be true, it probably is not" are words well spoken. Trust Pilot rates Mr. Key Shop as a "5" which is considered excellent in terms of reliability.





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