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CuriousCurious So Your Model Wants to use Your Image on Her Paid Site

Paid sites (fan sites) are very common these days and are used by a wide variety of people, including of course models. I have discussed copyright in the past, so I will not be delving into that deep topic, but lets assume that she wants to use the images that you and she (or he) may have made to earn some extra income.  Clearly, photography can be a very expensive venture on many levels, but models also incur expenses.

Discovering your images on a paid site without permission can lead to some nasty and time consuming issues, but lets suppose you and the model likes your images and have had the paid site discussion and have agreed as long as she gives you credit. By the way, this discussion should always occur regardless of a paid or trade shoot. A photographer may send a model a few images as a courtesy even after a paid event even through it is not required. If you were paid as the photographer, the discussion still occur as to what the model wishes to do with images delivered.

The model has a significant following in social media, so lets say you agree that you are going to License a certain number of images to be used on the site. You become the Licensor and the model becomes the Licensee.  As part of this arrangement, consider:

Exclusive or Non exclusive: Do you want to use the images on your site as well as the model using the images on her site? Keep in mind that if you duplicate the same image(s) at the same time, you may be diluting each others efforts.

Unlimited Use: The model can use on any site that she or he wishes for as long as he/she wants. Usually it is a good idea to build a reasonable time frame into these agreements.  Are there sites that you do not want the images published?

Format: Digital or Print?  Sizes? Providing both formats will require extra time on the photographers part.

Number of images: Again, more processing time.


 If you were paid for the shoot, and discussed commercial or even retail use of the images, then your rate for the shoot should be adjusted upward accordingly. There are numerous examples of pricing available and can vary significantly depending upon what region you work within. Regardless of the nature of the shoot, licensing can be a tricky situation. You may want to be compensated for your creative efforts, but there is also a relationship with your client model to be considered. You may not wish to damage a professional relationship by imposing tight terms.  In some cases, non-monetary licenses could benefit both parties in additional modeling sessions are offered at no fee.  Here is one source to get you started Photo Licensing.







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